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Римский воинский диплом за подавление восстания Бар-Кохбы.

Датирован 7 марта 160 года, 2 доски из бронзы. 

The emperor Casesar T Aelius Hadrianus Augustus Pius, son of the deified Hadrian, grandson of the deified Trajan Parthicus, great grandson of the deified Nerva, Pontifex Maximus in the twenty-third year of his tribunician power, twice imperator, four times consul, father of his country grants Roman citizenship to the cavalrymen and infantrymen who do not already possess it, that served in the three alae which are called [1] Gallorum and Thracum Constantia and [2] Antiana Gallorum and Thracum Sagittariora and [3] VII Phrygum, and in the twelve cohorts called [1] V Gemella and [2] I Thracum (milliaria) and [3] I Sebastenorum (milliaria) and [4] I Damascenorum Armeniacum Sagittarioria and [5] I Montanorum and [6] I Flaviae civium Romanorum and [7] I and [8] II Ulpiae Galatarum and [9] III and [10] IV Callaecorum Bracaraugustanorum and [11] IV and [12] VI Ulpiae Petraeorum and are in Syria-Palestine under the governor Maximus Lucilianus, who have served twenty-five years and have been honorably discharged, whose names are written below, and conubium (legal marriage) with the wives they had when citizenship was given to them, or with those wives whom they later marry, but only one wife each. On the 7th of March when A. Platorius Nepos and M. Postumus Festus were (suffect) consuls. On behalf of the cohort I Sebastenorum (milliaria) under the command of Cavellius Maximus. To the ex-infantryman Vaxadus, son of Vaxadus of Syedra (in Cilicia). Copied and checked from the bronze tablet which is affixed in Rome upon the wall behind the temple of the deified Augustus near the shrine of Minerva. 

После 25-летней службы в войсках солдату, если он еще не имел римское гражданство, оно гарантировалось , как и легализация его существующего или будущего брака. 
Диплом подтверждает это. 

Ваксадус, киликиец, пооучатель диплома, служил в трех кавалерийских и 12 пехотных частях. Все эти части базировались в провинции Сирия-Палестина и участвовали в подавлении восстания Бар-Кохбы.  
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