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Каспаров покупает себе новую квартиру в Нью-Йорке.

New York Times

A New Castle for Chess King

GARRY KASPAROV, the retired world chess champion, is a master of strategy and logical thinking, and he has begun to apply those skills to the New York real estate market.
Last week, Mr. Kasparov, who makes his home in Moscow, bought a penthouse with his wife, Daria, for $3.4 million at the Harrison, a new condominium designed by Robert A. M. Stern at 205 West 76th Street, off Amsterdam Avenue.
He bought the unit, which has three bedrooms and 1,800 square feet of space, at a $350,000 discount off the listing price, with a $1.25 million mortgage. To close the deal, he used his gains from an earlier purchase at the Lombardy at 111 East 56th Street.
Mr. Kasparov has long had an association with the New York area. He gives chess workshops here, and is the chairman of the Kasparov Chess Foundation, based in Montville, N.J. Since his retirement from competitive chess in 2005, he has been active as a motivational speaker for business groups. In addition, friends say, a daughter from an earlier marriage lives in New Jersey with his former wife.
Property records show that Mr. Kasparov paid $320,000 for a 900-square-foot co-op at the Lombardy in 2005, and sold it in late October for $630,000, nearly doubling his money.
Ну, с покупкой все ясно: 200 м, пентхаус, NY, три спальни - 3,4 млн. Семейное гнездо большой птицы
Интересно занятие Харри Кимоффича - какой-то там мотивационный спикер бизнес-групп.
Это его политика получило такое название?

Обратил мое внимание на новость

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