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Древнее царство Египта - артефакты.

Несколько фото    предметов Древнего царства. Фото, увы, маловаты.


Браслеты из погребения Джера (1 династия)
Materials: Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Amethyst
Size: Length: from 10.2 to 15.6 cm
Location: Abydos, Tomb of Djer
Excavation: W.M.F. Petrie's Excavations of 1901
Period: 1st Dynasty, Reign of Djer


Ваза из сланца 2 династии.

JE 71298 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Schist
Size: Height 4.8 CM; Width 13.8 CM Length 22.7
Location: North of Saqqara
Excavation: W. B. Emery's Excavations (1937-1938)
Period: 2nd Dynasty (2770-2649 BC)

Шкатулка в форме раковины
Receptacle in the Form of a Shell

JE 92656 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Gold

Length 5.3 CM
Location: Saqqara, Funerary Complex of Sekhemkhet
Excavation: Antiquities Service Excavation (1950)
Date: 3rd Dynasty Reign of Sekhemkhet (2611-2603 BC)

Золотая посуда фараона 4 династии (Снефру)
JE 52404-52405 Cairo Antiquities Museum
Material: Gold Cup With Spout:
Size: Height 5.2 cm; Diameter 8.5 cm
Second Vessel:
Size: Height 2.4 cm; Diameter 8.2 cm
Location: Giza, Tomb of Hetephere I (G 7000 X)
Excavation: G. Reisner's Excavations of 1925
Period: 4th Dynasty, Reign of Snefru (2575-2551 BC)

Золотая голова сокола, 6 династия.

JE 32158 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Gold and Obsidian
Size: Height 37.5 cm
Location: Kierakonpolis, Temple of the God Horus of Nekhen
ExcavationJ. Quibell and F. W. Green Excavations
Period: 6th Dynasty (2323-2150 BC)
Tags: Египет, Технологическая цивилизация

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