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Из сокровищ Сенусерта II и его дочерей.

Чудом сохранившиеся ювелирные шедевры.

Fine gold pectoral inlaid with semi-precious stones and bearing the name of King Senusert II. Tomb of princess Sit-Hathor, at El Lahun. 12th dynasty (ca. 1850 B.C.)

Uraeus of Pharaoh Senusert II (1897–1878 BC)

Crown of Sit-Hathor Yunet (Senusret II's daughter).jpg. Diadem der Sithathoriunet

This masterpiece of art and technology is the actual mirror of Princess Sat-Hathor-Yunet. She was one of the daughters of Senusert the Second. The silver disk of the mirror is attached to the obsidian handle through a small tongue. The handle is in the shape of an open papyrus topped by the head of Hathor, made out of gold with eyes of lapis lazuli.

This Middle Kingdom pectoral was found in the tomb of Princess Sit-Hathor Yunet, the daughter of Pharaoh Senusret II, of the Middle Kingdom.
Tags: Египет, Технологическая цивилизация

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