aldanov (aldanov) wrote,

Египетская гирька-уточка.

Origin: Egypt
Circa: 2300 BC to 1300 BC
Dimensions:2" (5.1cm) high x 3.125" (7.9cm) wide
Catalogue: V1
Collection: Egyptian
Style: Middle/New Kingdom
Medium: Hematite
Though it is very ancient, the purity of line in this rare sculpture gives it a remarkably contemporary feel. With just a few simple features, the Egyptian artist has evoked the essence, the eternal spirit of a water bird (almost certainly a duck, since similar duck sculptures are known in faience). How amazing that millennia ago someone could have defined and captured the timeless qualities of nature and expressed them in a way that is as meaningful to the modern age as to the ancient one. FOUND IN SINAI - (PF.0301)
Tags: Египет

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